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James Phermoster Zavik, (b. 1981), was a cook and made several types of stew. James was usually content when making stew, but he had a strong voice and lived in a hut at the foot of a hill. James' house was home to many kingfishers and dogs, because he also liked learning about animals, especially birds and mammals. His last name was pronounced a similar way to the Formullatic word for sardine, Savi.


Early life[]

James was born to a quarter-Centaur mother and a Imp-born father, making him a Transformateur. He had four unnamed siblings, a pet goat, and a bow and arrow.

School years[]

James's school was a small church in the southwest of the World of Wiki Pi. His favourite classes were Zoology, Astronomy, French, and Social Studies.

Later life[]

After school ended, James became a cook for a hotel and married a woman, Helen Zavik. Helen became a zookeeper in the Oe Islands, caring for parrots, tigers, and giraffes.

Physical appearance[]

James and his siblings, all had dark, long, blue hair, though James usually wore his hair tied at the back. All siblings were usually seen wearing a blood-red band during their school years.

Personality and traits[]

James can be seen as the less serious of the Zavik siblings. Like his friends at the kitchen, he enjoyed gossip, books, and animals. The cooks shared a great interest in Zoology and are relatively close to Mr Dino, substitute teacher for Zoology. James was also very brave, as she stood up for fighting against the evil brother of Mr Robot.

Abilities and skills[]

Zoology: James was very skilled at Zoology, according to Sheila Mankish. He achieved High on her Simple exam, and advanced to his Professor Test, where he got Outstanding.

Social Studies: He was talented at Social Studies, especially Defensive Activities, like Duelling and Martial Arts.


Robes: James owned robes for formal occasions, such as for weddings. They were described as being "deep sea blue."

The Language of Animals: Being a keen student on Zoology, James had a book called The Language of Animals which had facts about animals.

Zoo and Aquarium Expert: This book was one which James wrote. It was about every World of Wiki Pi animal.


Helen Zavik[]

Helen is James's wife. The couple were married at the beach near the Oe Islands. James was very fond of his wife, though Helen got separated when she became a zookeeper. Despite this, they have a few things in common, such as courage.

Sheila Mankish[]

Madam Mankish, the Zoology teacher, was best friend of James and a roommate. They were often seen around school together.