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Oelian, (Oelian: Oelia'ani), is a island language, (Oelian: Lequl isla'andei), spoken by around 200~450 people in the world. Cuthbert Ule'a is a top speaker of Oelian. The grammar is: S V O, Subject Verb Object, like English.


The Oelian alphabet is as follows:

a á b c d dh dj e f g gh h i j k l m n o p q r s sj t th tj u ú v w (x y z) and 'ejighil, a letter resembling a apostrophe.

The letters x, y, and z are only used in loanwords, such as zu, "zoo", and xylofonio, "xylophone."


The IPA phonetic symbols are:

Vowels: ɑ ɐ ɛ e eː ɪ i ɔ o ɔ̃ u ʊ ɤ

Consonants: b t͡s d ð d͡ʒ ɸ g x ɣ ħ j k l ɭ m n p ŋ ɾ ʁ s ʂ t ʈ θ t͡ʃ β w (z) ʔ


Oelian has these prounouns: ai, (I, me), tesj, (You(formal)), t'i, (You(informal)), and veu, (we.)

Simple words[]

Vele, (Hello)

Ghe'r, (Goodbye)

A'ap, (Come)

Ndu, (Go)

'er, (Please)

E'lesj, (Thank you(formal))

E'let, (Thank you(informal))

O'w fre tesj? (How are you?(formal))

O'w fre t'i? (How are you?(informal))