This is the Requests for Rights page. Please requests your rights using this example:

Username here - State your reason. Remember to state what you will do with your rights and how you helped the wiki to get these rights.

Here are the requirements and rights you get from each:



  • Quickly undo spam and vandalism


  • Never have been blocked for Spam or Vandalism.
  • Have more than 50 mainspace edits.

Rollback Requests:Edit



  • Can kickban users from chat


  • Never have been kickbanned from chat

ChatMod requests:Edit


I'd like to request chatmodship. Here are my reasons:

  • It'll keep me active here, and I'd help contribute more.
  • I don't tolerate spam, and will give any user 3 warnings before a minor chat ban.
  • I'm mature, and have never abused chatmod power on the 2 wikis I am one.
  • I would help advertise to help get new members! :)



Okay, i'll let you. Just, keep on editing. MassivePiDuck


I wanna be mod beeeecause I like getting banned from wikis. xD

Denied- You didn't do the correct formatting, haven't made any edits, and you're an underage duplicate account. Plus, your reason didn't help much. maybe try again in a couple weeks and see how things go! MassivePiDuck



  • You can block spammers, vandals, and sockpuppets.
  • You can delete pages.
  • You can customize the wiki's colors and link colors.


  • Have more than 70 mainspace edits.
  • Have never been blocked for Spam or Vandalism.
  • Have shown you know how to use rollback rights correctly.

Administrator Requests:Edit

Keo5-Hey, well, when possible, it would be nice to be whatever on this list I can be. If not, then that's fine.

~₮iger~ :. Talk & Profile .:


Here, i will make you an administrator, since you are smart and actually understand math :P MassivePiDuck

AtomicScientist-Hey MSD, i want to be a admin because i LOVE PI. Plus, i can edit SUPER fast if i got the info. Please, i really want to. AtomicScientist 19:16, January 22, 2012 (UTC)AtomicScientist


You haven't really done much, you have 8 edits. What i see here is that you're hungry for power. MassivePiDuck

OrangeCarrotJuice - I currently have over 70 edits, and I would like to join the admins. Why? When I first came here, I saw that this wiki had a lot of useless wiki pages saying weird stuff that is not related to pi in any way (vandalism, of course). I would like to be able to delete those pages. Also, I understand tons of math and would like to share some of it by using this wiki. Thanks! :) 2:37, 4/25/2020, Central Time (US)



  • You are the leader of the wiki


  • Have more than 100 mainspace edits.
  • Have never been blocked, ever.
  • Have shown you know how to use Administrator rights correctly.

Beaurocrat Requests:Edit

Me, because i am your brother and i am epic H1 1 AM T00 AMAZ1NG T0 TALK T0 Y0U 02:56, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

Denied- You have only made 1 edit, which was a minor half-sentence edit. MassivePiDuck

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