I stubled across 3 false proofs, see if you can find the errors.

1. X=Y X^2=X*Y X^2-Y^2=X*Y-Y^2 (X+Y)*(X-Y)=Y*(X-Y) X+Y=Y 2Y=Y 2=1

2. X=0.99999... 10X=9.99999... 10X-X=9.99999...-X 9X=9 X=1 0.99999...=1

3. This one is a word problem. Imagine a square with sides of 4, and therefore a perimiter of 16. Cut corners, and the perimiter stays the same Ex.

_____           ___

| | equals _| |_ | | |_ _| |_____| |___|

Repeat to infinity. Square becomes a circle 16=Pi*(2)^2 Therefore, Pi equals 4

That's all folks!

The picture of the example has an error, if you want to see it, then go into edit mode.

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