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Okay, so I've been taking this new class at school at the start of a new semester, and it's really cool. Basically we work for the school's newsletter, learn how reporters write their notes/articles, how they can talk so fast and calm on TV, and how to rate/review different things, such as cafes or video gams! So, this class inspired me to create my own personal newsletter which I will post on each of the Wiki's I'm a member at, called "Harley's Hub!". Featured in this newsletter will be stories on different Wikis, ratings of different Wikis, polls about different Wikis, and stuff like that. BUT, here's the good stuff. You may submit your Wiki to either get a lead story, a spot in the review section, or a slot in the poll section! Just tell me your Wiki's name, supply a link, and I'll make sure it's included in the newsletter! So, each newsletter will be published on Fridays of each week. Submissions for Wikis will open on Wednesday and end on Thursday night, so hurry fast! And also, if you don't get the lead article, feel free to submit your Wiki multiple times!!! You can do it with the flick of a switch. And no, order of submissions does NOT affect who gets chosen for what.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE. Submissions for the first article (this week's, begins in the comments of THIS BLOG, TONIGHT! Begins submitting your Wikis for a spot in "Harley's Hub"!

Any questions? Let me know! :)